Collarbone Breathing Technique


This is a demonstration of the Collar Bone Breathing (CB2) process. This technique
will help two-fold: it creates an almost force-field type effect to help prevent outside
stresses and anxiety from triggering you while creating a peaceful space within.
I highly recommend adding this step into your daily morning
routine for an added boost of necessary self-care.


PR Triangle Demo Video


This video is to demonstrate how to do a PR Triangle. It will help reverse any negative energy that you may be holding on to, or experiencing. By tapping certain spots, and stating positive affirmations of your choosing, you can adjust the negative energy back to positive.

It also helps to replace any negative subconscious scripts with strong, healing ones instead.





Top to Bottom Relaxation Technique


This is the demonstration of the Top to Bottom Relaxation Technique. It’s a simple and quick TFT process that you can use anytime you feel yourself getting overly anxious, stressed, or just need to relax.  The feelings of relaxation and peace will seem almost instantaneous, and you’ll be much more at ease.  This can be a great tool to add to your toolbox if you experience panic attacks or anxiety attacks.