How does Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Work?

TFT works on even the most skeptical people, as the treatment is not affected by the receptiveness of the individual. When a person thinks about an experience associated with emotional distress, they tune into a ‘thought field,’ which holds precisely encoded information (or perturbations) connected to a particular problem. Thought Field Therapy sees these perturbations as the root cause of negative emotions and they correspond to various meridian points in the body.  Once the thought field is “shut off”, the client feels immense relief and freedom from the problem, and the distress is no longer there.

What are meridian points, and what will you be doing?

TFT uses a precise and learnable tapping sequence on specific meridian points. This process unblocks the energy flow, allowing the negative thoughts and emotions to be released.   The picture to the right shows the main meridian points that TFT utilizes.  Different points will be used for each sequence, which are designated to the specific issue that the client presents.  It is very similar to acupuncture, and utilizes the same upper body meridian points.  The benefit is no needles

Does it hurt??

Energy healing is completely painless and non-evasive, and allows the individual to take control of stressful situations and emotional states.  TFT is easy to learn and simple to use. Generally, clients leave the session in a much more relaxed state then when they arrived.

Facts and Articles on TFT

  • TFT works, regardless of whether you believe it will or not. It doesn’t matter if you are already familiar with other healing and therapeutic techniques, or a total skeptic who honestly doesn’t expect it to work.
  • You can use TFT to work on whatever emotional or stressful circumstances you’re personally experiencing in your life right now. It will give you the power to heal yourself and take control of your own life – without needing to seek external help.
  • TFT has been shared with millions of people worldwide and continues to be used globally to bring relief to those suffering from the psychological effects of a natural, or human disaster.  Take a look at http://www.tftfoundation.org/ for further information.
  • TFT is currently being used to effectively help Veterans heal from PTSD, allowing them freedom from the trauma they’ve experienced while serving our country. To see how, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr2yh-cxbqc
  • Dr. Mercola, a well respected and widely known doctor, posted an overview article about TFT: http://www.mercola.com/article/mind_body/thought_field_therapy/overview.ht
  • “What’s fascinating about TFT is it’s quick, painless and it’s success rate is almost unheard of in the field of mental health in any type of treatment over this whole century.”  – Shad Meshad,  President of National Veterans Foundation