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#EchoWarriors - Felicia Reed


Please read our newest #Echowarrior story from Felicia Reed



The abuse that I encountered started at 5 by an external party. It was part of a LIFE course of abuse….one episode after the other in older years up until I was 51 EVEN by someone who would return with the assistance of my family and “friends” to do MORE harm. I buried the earlier years’ long ordeals. I went silent. When I decided to bring it to the surface as I was removing blocks in coaching training, to heal it, to finally tell someone after 45 years, I was abused EVEN more to keep me silent and to abuse/control me. There were related blocks…negative imprints. When I found my voice to tell my family the best way I could, they put it in writing I/We don’t give a “f*** about you.” and they continued to work with others and do things to keep me in check – to take me “down a few notches”. They created illusions and falsehoods and pointed fingers at innocent people regarding my fate. They drove the evil, denial and acts of hate as far as they could.

I’ve endured severe beatings, losses – I live with an uncommon injury – a plate holding up my eye after a fist went through my face because I asked, “was there someone else”. I’ve endured things that I’ve never told anyone. AND I’ve never not once asked anyone for sympathy, understanding, or to be a crutch. (Some NEVER knew) My face hurts beyond measure EVERY day and because of the damage, I have to deal with other related issues as key nerves and signals reside in the head. Some mornings I have to manually raise my eyelid. Some mornings it takes a while for it to stay up as I pray to God to continue to bless me to see. I know there is a possibility that one day it will just stay shut. I’m denying that event. I’ve never held my life of negative ordeals over someone else’s head. I’ve taken responsibility and ownership. Yes, it impacted who I was and who I am and I’ve learned to constantly work at LIFE based on the hand I’ve been dealt.

Can I inspire you? My “initiation” was extremely tough.

What I have done is healed myself EVERY time, saved myself, encouraged and empowered myself, worked with my forces and God almighty….all I had was me, nature and my Creator most of the times. There’s a reason I work with the modalities that I do – they WORK. There’s a reason why I will unconditionally help others. There is a reason why I was destined to be a coach, healer, speaker, and facilitator.

You can’t teach/share what you don’t know. I don’t share (just) the top level details for “attention”. I share them to convince others that I understand some things on a very DEEP level and to let them know that I WILL help. I share because I made an AGREEMENT with God that I would let others know what He’s done for me and what He’s blessed me with. I share to show others that you don’t do what has been done to you….allow others to show you how you DO NOT want to be.

It takes A LOT of work to shut a dark portal of destructive negativity and it starts with SELF. GO THERE.

BTW…I’m not perfect as I am a Spiritual being having a human experience.


If you’d like to learn more about Felicia, please visit her website:  www.PutItInPerspective.net
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