What DO You Want in Your Life

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So often, we seem to think about what we don’t want to experience, and I have come to learn that life works much more seamlessly when you flip that script.

Instead, focus on what you DO want. Frame your sentences, and your thoughts, around what you want to have happen, and what you want to experience. It’s been said that our brain wiring seems to gravitate very easily to the negative side of things and that it takes practice to switch to the positive. Lots and lots of practice, and small steps of catching those moments by the collar, as if to say, “now-now, you deserve better than that.” Similar to when you gently correct someone else being overly critical of themselves.

I was considering the question “What do I want my life to be like?” and I caught myself instantly throwing the negative stones – “I don’t want to be tense anymore” / “I don’t want to feel so paranoid all the time” / “I don’t want to feel so awkward around people“. Once I recognized the direction I was headed, I started working on changing the wording and thoughts. I was able to then write a list of what I DO want, which made me feel so much more empowered and brighter inside.

This is what it looks like when you make positive affirmative statements about the life you DO want:

  • I want to be a positive person, who speaks from the heart. Always openly sharing from my center, releasing the need to feel awkward or in pain. Removing the walls of protection and armor of “Introvert.”
  • I want to thrive as someone who can live in the present moment, releasing the past and removing the worry of the future.
  • I want to feel joy and happiness most of the time while allowing myself the sadness when it’s really needed.
  • Enjoying the moments of daily blessings, and being connected to the Love in this world.
  • I want to feel confident in my body, my mind, and my purpose.
  • I want to live in a way that allows me to use my voice, and share my story so that others can know they aren’t alone.
  • I want to let go of all of the negative garbage and clutter in my conscious and sub-conscious mind.
  • I want to see my quirks as strengths instead of feeling less than.
  • I want to find my power in my voice and in myself.

Next time you find yourself in the space of “I DON’T want…”, see if you can catch and adjust it to what you do want instead. It gets easier with practice, and you’ll start to notice some pretty significant changes in how you feel and resonate.

So…what negative stones do you want to start turning into positive ones? Ask yourself, “What DO I want“, then quietly listen as your soul and heart begin to answer.

Blessings to you,

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