Releasing the Weight of Your Past

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For Today - 02-18-16


As survivors, some of us still carry the secrets of our past abuse. It may be due to various fears, such as fear of retaliation, fear of rejection, or fear of exposure. It could also be due to the discomfort and pain that may be felt both emotionally and physically when bringing it up.

I’m speaking from experience – I’ve tried everything over the years to not have to talk about my past sexual abuse. I could talk about the emotional and physical abuse, but the sexual abuse stayed locked down in my titanium pandora box. It was terrifying, dark, and all-encompassing. I finally found the courage to start talking about it just a little bit at first, by acknowledging that it had happened and who my abuser was. I noticed that a little bit of the heaviness and weight would lift every time I spoke.

After a while, I was able to start telling more bits and pieces. This was especially difficult for me because I don’t remember the events in their entirety so I was questioning whether it was real or not for a very long time. Yet again, every time I told my story, I would feel a little better afterward. Granted yes, I would be shaking and scared as hell while I was talking, but that would pass, leaving me to feel a little lighter and freer each time.

In the support group that I co-facilitate, I watch this same freedom happen every time a member shares their story. Each time they speak, they are releasing the weight and the fears. They gain strength and start to feel better.

I think that this happens because when we speak up, releasing the secrets of our past abuse, we start to take our power back. We are transitioning from the victim to a survivor, finally starting to recognize the warrior that’s within all of us.

Tell your story when YOU are ready, and you will start to feel the positive effects of taking your power back, releasing the weight of the burdens, and feeling the brightness of your freedom.

Love to all of you strong warriors, way past the sky,

Heather Durling, The Phoenix Gathering
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