For Today 012516

You are a Phoenix.

Repeat after me: “I rise above the ashes of my past, defining who I am today. I choose to soar above what is behind me, flying towards the future that serves me best.”

We need to recognize the strength that’s within us, it’s always been there. I’ve said it before – you wouldn’t be where you are today if you didn’t have the fire in your spirit to fight and keep going.

Today, let’s do something different. Let’s work towards rising above our past, letting it burn away into only memories. Let the emotional pain and fear turn to ashes, releasing us from it’s tight grip. We can fly and soar amongst the sky of new beginnings, new possibilities, and the lives we deserve to live.

Rise, Fly, and Shine Warriors.

Blessings to you,

Heather Durling, The Phoenix Gathering
“One Starfish At a Time.”
Proud Member of ‪#‎WUVIP‬

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