Identifying Emotional Abuse

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For Today - 02-06-16


It seems to me that emotional abuse is one of the most difficult forms for adult survivors. The negative words and beliefs are ingrained into their psyche at a young age, and often times can even impact in the present if the abuser is still active in their life such as a parent, sibling, or family member.

Emotional abuse can be difficult to nail down and recognize for what it is.

I have found that one of the key things that occur is that the abuser says or does things that make you feel less than. Less than worthy, less than important, less than needed, less than normal or healthy, less than mentally capable, less than strong. Sadly, this list can keep going. The main point is that you are being made to feel several notches down from the abuser and even the world in general.

It takes a lot of work to unbury these negative and UNTRUE beliefs and words from your deep subconscious, and it’s completely worth the effort. Grabbing the shovel and starting to dig these up and out of your mind, heart, and spirit makes room for what IS true today. The first step is learning to recognize it for what it is – Being made to
feel less than, and that is abusive.

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