For 2016


My wish for you all for the new year of 2016 and forever after:

1) Know in your heart that you are worth it.
2) Know in your spirit that you deserve all of the good things in life.
3) Make the choice to accept these truths.
4) Change your “I am” statement: You’ve been saying “I am [hurt, angry, broken, tired, not enough, etc] long enough.
5) Insert a new statement at the end of “I am” of what you WANT to be instead. “I am [strong, a badass, a thriver, a positive person, a good person, creative, etc]

Decide on what YOU want, and how you want this new year to go. Make the choice to choose, instead of being made to choose someone else’s ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.

My choice and my “I am” statement this year is:
I am a Phoenix, and I rise above the ashes of my past, defining who I am today. I choose to soar above what is behind me, and fly towards the future that serves me best.

Now…what’s yours? Share it with us, and maybe it will help to inspire someone else to make their new statement too. We are, and always will be ‪#‎StrongerTogether‬.

Blessings to you,

Heather Durling, The Phoenix Gathering
“One Starfish At a Time.”
Proud Member of ‪#‎WUVIP‬

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