#EchoWarriors Stories Project: Paully’s Story

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Our newest #Echowarriors Story Submission.  A Big Thank You to Paully for sharing his story, courage, experience and knowledge.

#EchoWarrior Paully’s Story:

All was fine until my brother reminded me of childhood abuse. I, unfortunately, suffered sexual physical and emotional abuse, and being bullied did not help. I face my demons head on and from time to time drop in a heap as we who suffered abuse do. I’m skipping details so as not to affect others but I will say this – My deep anger never subsides for the abusers. Still I have blank spots in between and know I’m better off with the blanks.

Mum should have done more but was too selfish. She was horribly abusive and also threatened to kill herself if I went to school. With this and past demons to deal with at age 15, life was pretty scary. I kept it well hidden and school was my escape.

Today I help others by exposing filth. I have now a beautiful family. My wife was also abused by the family who adopted her. We have both broken the cycle and chains of abuse. Our children will never know the hurt we endured, but to see my children and grandchildren without blemish from sexual abuse is pure gold. To see the end result is simply amazing.

People, we must be strong and forever realize our true job as parents is to dump the shackles that once bound us with abuse and move forward leaving the mistakes of the past behind but not forgotten. My family has moved forward by not repeating history. Always be vigilant with your children as to who their in contact with and pay attention to all those around your children. Even the best funniest uncle could be your silent abuser. Be strong and try to help those still exposed to dirty perverted minds. We must save the children and break open the circles who choose to ruin children’s lives.


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