I can always recognize a survivor by their eyes.

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I see it in your eyes


I can always recognize a survivor by their eyes. There is so much that can be seen, if one knows what to look for. Sadly, it seems to require having experienced the same in order to have that ability. It appears that we have to walk in those same shoes, to truly understand what it took to take each step.

Please know that while I can see your pain when I look in your eyes, I also see so much more than that. I see your strength, your fire, your fight, your infinite ability to persevere, your resilience that brings you out of anything you’ve had to endure. I see all of the good in your spirit and your soul. When I look at you, I don’t see a survivor – I see a Warrior who has battle scars, someone who is willing to fight the good fight for those weaker that can’t fight on their own.

I see your beautiful soul, and I honor it, as I honor my own.

Blessings to you,

Heather Durling, The Phoenix Gathering
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