The Definition of Strength and Tenacity

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The Definition of Strength and Tenacity


There are so many moments where I’ve wanted to give up, crawling away into my inner-cocoon, while shutting the rest of the world out. I wanted to yell “I’m NOT okay!” to everyone who thought that I was strong. Then I would have that split second moment before Iopened my mouth, where I realized – I may not be okay right at this moment, but I WILL be. I would get through this, and I knew I was strong enough to. I knew because I had already proven it to myself while surviving years of abuse. Then I would begin to look for the answers I needed, learn something, and thrive from it.

We all may have these moments at some point, and it’s another facet of ourselves that reflects our true strength and perseverance. This isn’t to be confused with remaining silent about what has happened to you. I’m talking about the moments where things just get crappy in our present day lives. The days where nothing goes right, or the situations where you feel like they are never going to end. We just want to give up, but then something inside of us whispers, “You can do this. Look what you’ve already gotten through. You’ve got this.”

Listen to that whisper, and then start saying it out loud to yourself. You’ve got this because you are strong and you have gotten to where you are today because of it. Please always remember that.

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