Life is Like a Novel.

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Life is like a novel

While we are reading a book, the characters and the story develop.  If it’s a really good book, you have absolutely no idea what will happen until you get to the very end. It’s when you read a certain paragraph, or when the author gives you the big reveal, then all of the details snap together.  Things that didn’t quite make sense are now clear, behaviors of the characters are understood, and the big picture of the entire story is now complete.  You close that book, having learned something new about life, and maybe even about yourself.

When we are facing the difficult times in our lives, the ones where we look up at the sky and say out loud, “Enough already!” ~ these are the moments and events that are our biggest lessons.  We learn how much we really can handle, how strong we are, and how much we can preserver.  Not a darn bit of it will make sense until the end of any situation.  Once you have crossed the bridge, reaching the other side, everything snaps into place.

That’s the big secret: Always look for the lesson during your times of trial, knowing that it will all make sense in the end.   

I learned this valuable lesson after two divorces.  Both times were very difficult, and emotionally taxing.  The book was being closed on a big part of my life, and none of it made any sense while I was “in it”.  Now that I’m outside of the trial, standing on the other side of those rocky rivers, I can see that life is better for everyone involved.  I am now able to see the mistakes I made in a forgiving way, as well as my ex’s.  I can also look back and see what I learned about myself – that I could in fact take care of myself; that I needed help in healing from my past, to be good for my children in the present; my own personal boundaries in relationships; that  I needed to grow up in regards to how I treated my spouse; and what I needed to grow within myself, such as self love, and self acceptance.  I wouldn’t have learned any of these valuable lessons if I hadn’t gone through the trials.

There are some trials, such as past child abuse, that I feel we will never understand until we reach the end of our time on this planet.  However, in speaking for myself, I learned that I can survive and thrive.  Perhaps, in some cases, it’s what we’ve learned about ourselves that matters.

Look for the lesson during your times of trial, and again later on, after you’ve gotten to better place. Even if everything is foggy, and it’s difficult to see which way is up – trust that it will all be clear in the end.  You may just learn something pretty incredible about yourself.

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