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Take a moment to pause, look the fear straight in the face, name it, identify it, and then start proving to yourself that it can’t have any power over you any longer. Fear loses it’s grip over our hearts and minds, when we give it a name. In this case, the fear is the person(s) that hurt you as a child.  Take your power back and give them the name they deserve – abuser.

~ Someone that is overbearing and only cares about their own needs – narcissist.
~ Someone that couldn’t control their temper and lashed out, harming and hurting you physically – physical abuser.
~ Someone that made you feel less than by putting you down all the time, or saying things to make you feel bad about yourself – emotional abuser.
~ Someone that took your innocence, and made you feel helpless and powerless as a child – sexual abuser.

When you identify and name, you are starting the next part of the process which is to break free from the fear and begin healing your soul wounds. Always remember, you are NOT alone.

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