Finding happy in a not-so-happy place.

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Denis Waitley quote

I saw this quote in the most surprising, yet strangely logical of places – the ER intake room at our local hospital. No worries, everyone is fine, it was a result of a canoe injury. I recall thinking to myself, “What a wonderful way to use their white board – as inspiration for themselves in a highly stressful environment, but also for the incoming patients who are in pain and discomfort.” This particular quote reminded me that happiness can sometimes seem like the mythical unicorn, however it is attainable. It can be found both within ourselves, and by outside influences, experiences, and by daily reminders and messages by our guardian angels and the universe. This one was a much needed reminder for me, and I’m thankful to my guardian angel for putting into my path that day.  I hope that this resonates for you as much as it did for me.

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