Live Like a Dog – Lulu’s Tail Wisdom

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This is my LuLu.  She and I have an interesting dynamic.  She does what she’s told when she feels it’s necessary, and I’ve become enlightened on the ways of being a dog by observation.  She is a sweet girl, who wants nothing more than to be with her humans, and a good head scratch.  When we first met, she was at a pet rescue adoption facility.  Lu had a hard puppy life in her first 8 weeks, and I’m grateful that we were the family she chose to be with.  We’ve watched her evolve from a cautious puppy, into a full grown happy adult dog.  She is also a very wise little lady, and has asked me (in her own doggie way) to share what I’ve learned, so that more people can have happy tail wags.

LuLu’s Tail Wisdom

1. An awesome stretch is the best way to start your morning.
When you get out of bed in the morning, practice your daily downward dog first thing.  You don’t need caffeine, just a good stretch. If you are really tired, give yourself a good shake.  You’ll wake right up.

2. Play.
Focus on playing and nothing else.  Thoroughly enjoy yourself, and have a great time.  Playing with the water from the hose is also highly recommended.

3. Love unconditionally.
Love your people and your animals with your whole heart..  Don’t have any expectations, but a nice treat is always appreciated.  Let pure love shine from your eyes, when you are looking at your loved ones.

4. Show the world your happy tail wag.
Let yourself feel unabashed, uninhibited, raw, real happy.  The kind of happy that makes you feel giddy, and wanting to jump from absolute excitement and joy.

5. Trust your instincts.
If someone comes around that you can feel in your gut is not a good person, don’t doubt it.  Pull back, and keep your distance.  If your hackles get raised to the point of needing to growl, then run away.

6. Take Naps.
Always.  Especially in the warm sun.  It’s wonderful.

7. Give yourself treats.
If you have a good treat, be present with it. Practice mindfulness in your enjoyment of chewing your treat.  If it’s too big of a treat, save what’s left and bury it in the backyard.

8. Don’t be mean.
You wouldn’t yell, or be mean to a bear or a lion.  Don’t be cruel to your humans or your dogs.  Okay fine, don’t be mean to the cats either.

9. Take a few minutes to sniff the air.
When it’s pretty outside, you can smell the fresh air, the flowers, the grass, the trees, everything.  It’s very peaceful.

10. Let people know you need something.
If you are hungry, tired, feeling ill, need to go outside, or just need affection; tell your loved ones.  If they really care about you, they will give you what you need.

11. Do whatever makes you truly comfortable.
Find that comfy spot in your bed, even if you have to turn a few times.  Lay sideways, backwards, sprawled out.  Whatever makes you feel truly at ease, and in complete comfort, regardless of how you look. What anyone else thinks doesn’t matter, they aren’t you.


Blessings, and may you all find reasons to wag your happy tails!

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