Glinda’s Word of the Week: Gratitude

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Glinda’s Word of the Week:  Gratitude

During the Thanksgiving holiday, the word, and practice, of gratitude is dominant.  For some people, this is almost a foreign concept.  If you are depressed, and life has been difficult for you, practicing gratefulness can seem like a quest for the Holy Grail.  However, gratitude is one of the major game changers when learning to re-adjust to a positive view.   It starts with going small, and you “work out” your gratitude muscles.   From first hand experience, it is a bit dodgy at first, but it gets incredibly easier in a short amount of time.  Once you get into the practice of being grateful, everything starts to change into an all-around better place to be: heart, mind, and spirit.

Here’s a couple of ways to help boost your “gratitude” muscles:
1.  The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record – Start small.  Look for one thing in your day that you are grateful for.  It can be as simple as a hot cup of coffee in the morning.  A quick jot for the day, in one sentence.  Easy, and a great way to start looking at the positives in your day.
2.  A Gratitude Journal – Once you get into the practice of finding one thing in your day to be grateful for, you will start to find it easier to find 3-5 things a day.  Grab any journal that you take a fancy to, or you can even use a composition book.   Write these 3-5 things down, every day.  Try to aim for 2-3 weeks of daily entries.  If you stay consistent, you will find that your general attitude and energy level is higher.  If you miss a day, here and there, that’s okay.  It’s a new practice that you are learning, and it takes time.
3.  Learn more – MindValley Academy has a great graphic that they put together to show the Power of Gratitude.  I highly recommend you check it out:  click here.

Blessings to you,
Heather Durling, The Phoenix Gathering
“One Starfish at a Time.”


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